Motorsports Park Scoping Study

Motorsports Park Scoping Study

Most years at our AGM there is a discussion regarding a track or dedicated space for events like Solosport.

Yukon Government LogoFunding from the Yukon Government Community Development Fund (CDF) was received by the Klondike Cruisers, to conduct a scoping study to see if there is potential to have a Motorsport Park in the Whitehorse area

We would like to see motorsport as an even bigger part of our community. By being able to host motorsport events, we can create a platform for enthusiasts and fans to come together sharing their love for the sport. This study provides an opportunity to assess the potential of establishing a dedicated facility, which would enhance our motorsport culture and provide a permanent venue for events.

We firmly believe that the study could lead to significant economic benefits to our region. Sporting events, including motorsports can help drive tourism. A park itself would provide employment.  By investing in the scoping study, we invest in the future of our community.

 The project is a high level Motorsport Park scoping study report that will: 

     Define the project scope: 

     Identify potential stakeholders: 

     Conduct a preliminary site analysis: 

     Review regulatory requirements:

     Consider financial feasibility: 

     Evaluate market demand: 

     Assess potential benefits and risks: 

The work will be done by a local consultant. Work will include research, connecting with other motorsport park developers and groups, as well as conducting a series of interviews and collecting information with relevant local government and private sector contacts and stakeholders, including First Nations. Information will then be compiled into a report covering the aforementioned topics. 

 Please note that this is a preliminary study only. Based on the output, a more detailed feasibility study and business plan would be required.     

This project will be conducted over the next 6 months and more information will be made available at a later date. 

Blaine Dumkee

Project Manager, 

Motorsports Park Scoping Study

Klondike Cruisers

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