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  1. Hello Richard! My name is Ashley Evans and I’m trying to reach someone who can circulate a notice to the Klondike Cruisers Group. See below. Are you able to help me with this? Many thanks, Ashley

    “Exciting opportunity for car enthusiasts to be involved in a Local short film production that will be aired on Northwestel Community TV. We’re a local independent film production company looking to rent a unique car for one day early July 2018. In the movie, the car will be driven by an “Angel from heaven”, so we will be showing your car in the best light possible and we’re sure that you will be proud of how the car looks in the film. We don’t have any one particular type of car in mind so if you’re open to having your car in a short film, please let us know. The car will be driven by one of our lead actors, and will not be performing any stunts or driving in heavy traffic. If you’re interested please feel free to silver_kim@hotmail.com to learn more details”

  2. Good afternoon,

    I am with the Commissioner of Yukon’s office and am looking for a vehicle (and driver) for the Commissioner to ride in for the parade. I am not sure if you have any members that have a convertible or an older vehicle who would be interested in driving the Commissioner in the parade? And how much that would cost?
    The parade set up starts July 1st at 10am and everything should be over by 12pm.

    You can call me at 667-5121.

    Thank you.

  3. Hey there.
    Just wondering if your group still meets . I know its winter months but i’m a bit of a gear head and really miss chatting about automobiles. My name is Damian and i own a 2012 Jaguar XF and a 2008 Yamaha R1 which i love both with a passion.
    Cheers for your time.

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